How is class content delivered?

Each week day for six weeks there is new content available on the class site which is accessed via a password. Generally 3 days a week there is written content and video tutorials and two days of the week are dedicated to prompts to enable you to discover and develop your own style in creating art.

What do I require to access and participate in the course?

You will need a pc or laptop and high speed internet connection. You may be able to use a mobile or tablet to view some of the class content but the class is rich in visuals and the size of the lessons and so mobile devices may be find it difficult to load all the content on the site. I am afraid I cannot advise on particular technical resources you may have so be sure that you are able to access the type of info needed. Generally if you can watch You tube videos or Vimeo videos and your technology loads content quickly and efficiently then you should not have a problem.

Do I need to access the class at particular times?

The beauty of the internet and the e-course format is that no matter where you are in the world you can follow along at your own pace. Each new lesson is posted in the morning (London time) and you can access it whenever you wish.

How do I connect with you the tutor and the other students?

There is private Facebook Group page which is only accessible by registered participants.

This allows you to post images of your progress and anything else connected to the course. The community is a brilliant part of participating in an online course and there are wonderful benefits to being part of a supportive, encouraging group of students. I will be an active part of the group also and look forward to connecting with you there.

You can also use #unearthgathercreate on instagram and my name is GillianLeeSmith there.

How will feedback be given?

Feedback will be given in the Facebook page when you post images. This will enable a vibrant and active community of members being supportive and encouraging each other as we all progress. I will also be available to give feedback via email for the duration of the course and for a time afterwards enabling a safe and supportive environment for you to gain feedback in your work and grow as an artist.

Why the limited class size?

I am a very hands on teacher and offer a lot of feedback to the class and individually via the Facebook page. I can only do with this with a limited class size and I feel it gives greater opportunity for connection and interaction with me and your fellow classmates in a safe and encouraging environment.

How long will the course content be available for?

The course content will be available for two years to enable you to work along at your own pace. The Facebook group will remain open indefinitely.

What happens if I get behind and cannot complete all the exercises?

The classwork is designed so that there are plenty of exercises for you to choose from in order to follow your own path in creating art. It is not intended that you do every single exercise in the 6 week class (in fact I positively advise against even trying!) – instead you will choose the exercises that appeal to you at the time and that will help you work towards a particular finished project. The coursework will then be available to you for two years in order that you can go back over it in its entirety and work on everything at your leisure.

Can I share/sell the artwork I make on this course?

Of course you can! The only work that I ask that you do not replicate or sell is the work that I show you on the We all Cast Shadows days. This is work very personal to me and is being developed for my first solo exhibition in October 2014 but I wanted to share my way of developing a body of work and encouraging you to delve deeper into your own passion for creating art.

How do I purchase a place on the course?

I will announce the dates of the next course on the homepage of this site and the date that registration opens. There will be a button which will take you to my online store where you will purchase your place via paypal which is a secure way of processing payments.

Can I pay in instalments?

Generally I offer a 2 part instalment plan where the total amount is paid before the course begins. This information will be included on the announcement of the next course date.