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The current session of Unearth Gather Create is now full! My intention is to only run one class a year now of this course as I now turn my attentions to writing a brand new course.  However this will be entirely dependant on the level of interest. If you are interested in studying on this course then please either sign up to the mailing list or pop me an email at mail@gillianleesmith.com

Many thanks!

I would love to work alongside you, helping you to discover how to create art that represents your own unique character, personal narrative and imaginations. I will be teaching a wealth of art techniques that will enable you to draw and paint in your own unique style and create a personal language through creating art.

Registration is now open! The Spring, Summer and Autumn session of this class sold out very quickly so book soon to avoid disappointment. I keep class sizes limited so that I can give each student personal feedback should they so wish it.

Class begins Monday 12th January 2015

The price is £125 (Great British Pounds)

Please note that the price here is in Great British Pounds – should you wish to check the amount in your own currency you can go to www.xe.com for a currency conversion

(Please contact me via email at mail@gillianleesmith.com if you are interested in paying in 2 instalments)

You can purchase the course here by clicking the image below after reading all the information below.


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In creating art that expresses our own particular nature, it is just as important to think about ‘what’ to paint as it is to learn ‘how’ to paint. If we unearth what is inside, gather what we know and use our own unique imaginations, we can bring a richness and a depth to our work that goes beyond a simple image. Our art becomes something more, it has resonance with our own spirit and connects us with others.

I believe that we each have our own unique story to tell.

Unearth Gather Create is about finding a story through you art and the entire course is developed to enable you to make choices – about materials, style, aesthetic, themes, subject matter and how we create art overall. It is about digging deep and creating art that is meaningful to us. I don’t want you to paint or draw like me – I want you to draw and paint like You!




Throughout the course you will receive …

– Drawing and painting video demonstrations that will expand your range of mark making skill and understanding of line, tone, colour, composition, anatomy and portraiture.

– Exercises that focus on ‘loosening up’ and being braver in the way you draw and paint.

– Drawing and painting exercises that will help you bring depth and atmosphere to your work.

– Exciting and unexpected exercises which will encourage your curiosity and desire to think outside the box in terms of your own artistic ability.

– Prompts, ideas and inspirations to enable you to discover your own unique story which will in turn give you a wealth of ideas for creating narrative art.

– A wealth of suggestions to encourage and help you to make art a daily practice.

– A limited class size to ensure that I can interact with you via the private Facebook group, giving you solid feedback and suggesting tasks to help you improve your art. I am a very encouraging and personable tutor and this feedback will help you make leaps and bounds in your art!

– Personal and practical feedback that will help you distil inspirations down into concrete ideas for creating your own personal work.

– An insight into my own practice of unearthing the things I love, gathering the things that inspire me and creating art with emotion and atmosphere.

If you are still unsure of whether this course is for you then you can head to the ‘created for you’ page and also the testimonials page above which contains heartfelt testimonials from my previous and current students.




Class schedule

Each week we cover a broad range of subject matter from portraits to still life to landscape which specific lessons on all of the fundamentals of art which are created to fit you wherever you are on the art journey. There are also lots of prompts to help you find your own aesthetic and interests as well as an insight into my own practice as an artist.

Week One – Drawing

Week Two – Pastels

Week Three – Mixed Media


Week Four – Mixed Media

Week Five – Painting

Week Five – Painting


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So please join me on this journey!


Class begins Monday 12th January 2015

Price – £125 (Great British Pounds)

(Please contact me if you are interested in paying in 2 instalments – you can email me at mail@gillianleesmith.com)

You can purchase the course here by clicking the image below after reading all the information below


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(click on this image to be directed to purchase)

If you have any queries you can find information above in the FAQ,s page or email me at mail@gillianleesmith.com